Mechna is a planet that houses a robotics factory...


Mechna is known for being the home of a factory created by Makuro Industries, which was responsible for creating XT4 robots.

A shipment of XT4 robots was hijacked by the Legion of Darkness, who then programmed all the robots except for one to cause havoc across the galaxy. The sole XT4 robot that remained was reprogrammed by Black Phantom to be his personal assistant, and to think that he was a Hero to infiltrate the Hero Factory. Thresher and Akiyama Makuro later arrived to investigate the crash.

The reprogrammed XT4 robot returned to Mechna after the mass Breakout caused by Voltix and was pursued by Julius Nex, though Nex failed. He is still pursuing the villain.


Mechna is known to house a robot factory from Makuro Industries which develops, among others, the XT4 robots for industrial jobs around the galaxy.

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