Mekron City
Mekron City 360p.png
Position Mekronite Planetoid Belt
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Intact
Pronunciation MEK-rahn SIT-ee

Mekron City is a city built around a sizable planetoid in the Mekronite Planetoid Belt.


Some time ago, Chief Drax was established as the head police officer of Mekron City.

Later, Meltdown came to Mekron City and infected Drax with nanobots. The chief sounded the alarm and sent the city into lockdown. Shortly thereafter, Heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge arrived.

A Drop Ship carrying the Heroes to Mekron City.

In the city's precinct, Stormer met with Chief Drax, though the chief turned on the Hero, threatening him with a gun. Stormer easily disarmed and bound Drax, who then sent out FEDS (Floater Enforcer Drones) to gun down the Heroes, however, Stormer managed to destroy them all as well.

Meltdown subsequently arrived, spraying Stormer with sludge containing the nanobots, and grappling out of the scene. The Heroes left to get Stormer to a medical station, and Drax was arrested for his peculiar behavior.

Mekron City's precinct.

Mekron City eventually returned to normal.

Notable Locations

  • The Precinct

Notable Inhabitants