Meteor Blaster
Meteor Blaster
User(s) Villains
Functionality Ranged Combat
Status In Use

The Meteor Blaster is a weapon used by various villains including Corroder, Meltdown, Rotor, Thunder, and XPlode, as well as many other Villains. Witch Doctor stole two and converted one into a shield, while he implanted the other one on a Scorpio's tail. Splitface also got ahold of two and turned it into his Insecticide Cannon, while he sold the other one to his partner Voltix and he turned it into his Volt Blaster. The Fire Villains also got a hold of them and upgraded them into a much more powerful Lava Sphere Shooter.


They are designed to fire small projectiles. The weapons can fire pretty much anything, such as pieces of buildings or even pieces of themselves. Some of the more successful villains use top-shelf explosive orbs or energy spheres, just to show off. A Meteor Blaster can also be modified to suit the user's need; Meltdown converted his into a Radioactive Sludge Shooter, and XPlode briefly wielded a large Meteor Blaster with a blade affixed to the bottom.

Meteor Blasters are also available in a small, hand-held pistol form.

Small Meteor Blaster

Rotor wielding a small version of the Meteor Blaster.

Set Information

The Meteor Blaster is composed of two pieces, which are spaced two studs apart and attached to the set by one or two axles. The launcher is fired by squeezing the midsection. It was included in all four small boxed villains, as well as Rotor, which were released as part of the Hero Factory line from 2010.

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