Mission: Almaak IV Disappearance was an investagate effort made by the Alpha 1 Team to locate the missing planet of Almaak IV.


Team Assingned

Alpha 1 Team


Locate the planet Almaak IV, which had been reported as missing by neighboring planets.


Hero Factory responded to a call for help by the officials of the planet Almaak V, who reported that their neighboring planet, Almaak IV, had gone missing. The incident was causing panic in the populations, with doomsday and apocalyptic predictions rising in frequency. Almaak V was unable to provide any explanation for the incident, such as natural galactic phenomena, and Alpha 1 was unable to find any clues during their search. During the course of the investigation, Almaak V turned blame toward the Prima Geidi star system, claiming that they had been inventing a new weapon capable of causing the incident. However, Stringer noted the moon of Almaak IV was still in place, implying that the gravitational pull of the planet was still there. Using his sonic powers, he destroyed a cloaking device, which revealed the planet in its original place.


Members of the Almaak V government were found responsible for the incident, having hoped to instigate a war with the worlds of Prima Geidi, and were subsequently arrested.

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