Mission: Impostors was an investigation by the Rho 3 Team in the Etamin system.


Team Assigned

  • Rho 3 Team
  • Eric Zeal
  • Kelly Deep
  • Rosalie Brisk
  • Michal Crisp


Investigate the identities of Hero Factory impostors causing damage to planets around the Etamin system and reverse the bans on Hero Factory.


A number of robots claiming to be Heroes from Hero Factory caused a large amount of damage on planets in and around the Etamin system, including the destruction of a national monument and the release of several dangerous criminals on Etamin II. As a result, these planets instituted a ban on Hero Factory personnel from the area. When the Hero Factory received word about this ban, they dispatched Rho 3 to investigate. Rho 3 was shown the devastation on Etamin II, and team leader Eric Zeal produced evidence that no Hero Factory teams had been dispatched to the area when the accidents occurred. Despite this, the planets were all prepared to push the bans through, and Rho 13 was given sixteen hours to find the real culprits. Rho 3 eventually discovered that several cleaning robots, who idolized the Hero Factory, had malfunctioned and gone rogue, naively masquerading as Hero Factory members in an attempt to live up to their heroes. However, their lack of training and intelligence had resulted in the destruction caused. Bans on Hero Factory were subsequently reversed.


Leader Zeal took custody of the rogue cleaning robots, and acquired them employment at the Hero Factory in Makuhero City.

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