Mission: Legion of Darkness was a mission undertaken by the Alpha 1 Team shortly after Hero Factory developed a prescense in the galaxy.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Team


Legion of Darkness


Stop the Legion of Darkness.


After commiting a crime, Voltix and Splitface were fleeing from Preston Stormer and Thresher shortly after their construction. Splitface fled and Voltix was captured. Splitface told Jawblade about Hero Factory, but Jawblade ignored him and he and Toxic Reapa attempted a museum heist, but Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk defeated them and captured Toxic Reapa.


Jawblade and Splitface later met in a refuelling station with the two fellow villains Speeda Demon and Thornraxx, scared to do crimes. Black Phantom then arrived and hired all four of them as part of his new Legion of Darkness and they stole a shipment of XT4 industrial robots. They were diverted, but one of them remained and was reprogrammed to be a villain.

He tricked the Alpha 1 into thinking he was a new Hero for the Alpha Team and went to Asteroid J-54, and broke Voltix and Toxic Reapa out of prison. They were blocked by Bulk and Von Ness, but XT4 released more prisoners and Von Ness let them pass, causing the mission to result to total failure. This led to Akiyama Makuro closing down Hero Factory.

Black Phantom then took over the abandoned factory and Jawblade used information from XT4 to swim into the system and turn off the defenses. Thornraxx, Speeda Demon, Toxic Reapa and Voltix went to the top of the Assembly Tower and Thornraxx was thrown off the ship and captured. The other three then defeated Thresher on the top of the Assembly Tower and Stormer fought Splitface and XT4. Bulk, Stringer and Von Ness arrived and Von Ness defeated XT4. Stormer playd a recording of Black Phantom saying he meant to betray the legion and thus Speeda Demon, Voltix and Toxic Reapa defeated Black Phantom. Stormer, Bulk and Stringer then defeated the other three and Thresher captured Jawblade and Splitface and all seven were sent to Asteroid J-54, though Black Phantom, Jawblade, Voltix and Speeda Demon escaped.


Speeda Demon was later sold a map to the Doom Box that he later sold to Core Hunter. William Furno later captured Speeda Demon and Jawblade, but the legion was released in the mass Breakout caused by Voltix. Bulk later caught Furno sneaking the file containing the mission: 14Y-YX6 and told him about the mission. Stormer decided not to punish Bulk because they had to continue recapturing criminals as it was the biggest crisis since the legion of darkness.

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