Mission: Pirates of the Constellations was undertaken by the Delta 9 Team to free hostage workers from a space station.


Team Assigned

Delta 9 Team


Space Pirates

  • Captain Dark Horrendous (leader)


Free captive workers in the Space Station Regular 1, defeat the pirate hostage takers without destroying the space station.


Captain Dark Horrendous, a notorious space pirate, led his crew on an attack on the Space Station Regular 1, and took fifteen workers there hostage, and demanded a ransom. Instead of paying the ransom, the Hero Factory dispatched the Delta 9 team to free the workers. Before they engaged the pirates, Delta 9 was forced to switch to material weapons, as the space station walls were too fragile to risk using energy weapons around. Taking the pirates by surprise, Delta 9 used their physical tools and hand to hand combat to press the pirates into the basement of the space station. There, Emily Wise turned off the lights in the station, plunging the area into darkness and forcing the pirates into submission.


Delta 9 succeeded in arresting the pirates, as well as freeing the hostage workers.


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