Multi-Tool Blades
Multi Blades
User(s) Natalie Breez
Functionality Melee Combat
Status Out of Use

The Multi-Tool Blades are hand-held weapons used by Natalie Breez.


Breez received this weapon along with her 2.0 upgrade in order to battle with the fire villains. When Breez had received her new upgrade following the mass Breakout; she replaced her Multi-Tool Blades with a double-bladed saber, Plasma Shooter, and a Hex Energy Shield.


The Multi-Tool Blades can be used for a variety of purposes. Most notable is a lava-cutting circular blade. This blade can spin at over 10,000 rpm and is cooled down to just a few degrees above absolute zero in order to slice through even the hottest and hardest material with ease. Other features of these blades include detachable throwing blades, hooks, cables, and cable-cutting blades.

Example Usage

Breez once used these blades when she threw them and destroyed training robots.

Set Information

A pair of Multi-Tool Blades was included in the Breez 2.0 Hero Factory set from early 2011, consisting of two of the set’s 29 pieces.

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