“This gadget functions as both a protective device for a Hero as well as a powerful weapon to take the fight to the bad guys.”
Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Multi-Tool Ice Shield.png
User(s) Preston Stormer,
William Furno,
Nathan Evo,
Julius Nex,
Rocka (All Formerly)
Functionality Crystallize Objects with Ice, Protection, Melee Combat
Status Out of Use

A Multi-Tool Ice Shield, also known as an MTIS, is a special tool designed by the Hero Factory in response to the attack on Tanker Station 22.

Five Heroes were known to have used an MTIS; all five Heroes have been refitted with new weaponry and armor, and no longer use an MTIS.


The MTIS is designed to act as both an offensive and a defensive weapon for the Heroes. The shell is big enough to absorb high-temperature blasts and all shields are integrated with a built-in ice recharger. The shield is meant to be customized as a means of better suiting the wielder’s needs.


  • Preston Stormer - Stormer's can shoot ice spikes, is armed with a freezing ice blade, and is hooked up to a tube through which he can access his Hero Core.
  • William Furno - Furno's is equipped with rotating climbing hooks and cutting blades, and shoots blasts of fire.
  • Nathan Evo - Evo's is fortified with a double-barrel ice cannon.
  • Julius Nex – Nex's is outfitted with super-hard steel slicing blades, two buzzsaws, pneumatic pincers. Nex's MTIS also has enhanced ice power.
  • Rocka - Rocka's is fortified with a double-barrel ice cannon, similarly to Nex's MTIS.

Example Usage

In Ordeal of Fire, Furno accidentally set off his Multi-Tool Ice Shield during Virtual Training, which resulted in him ramming into Quadal.

Set Information

  • A Multi-Tool Ice Shield was included in four of the six Hero Factory canister sets of early 2011. Counting the tube of Stormer’s shield and excluding the hand piece, each shield is composed of five of their set’s roughly 30 pieces.
  • A new weapon resembling a Multi-Tool Ice Shield was introduced in 2013, with a background image on the packaging that resembles the background image on Stringer's/Voltix's Breakout packaging.
  • In Savage Planet all heroes have Multi-Tool Ice Shields in their 3.0 forms, However the sets do not include them. In the TV series all Heroes have the Multi-Tool Ice Shields on their backs in both their 2.0 and 3.0 forms.

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