Multifunctional Ice Weapon
User(s) Preston Stormer (Formerly)
Functionality Fire Energy Bolts,
Grappling Harpoon,
Melee Combat
Status Out of Use

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon was a one-of-a-kind weapon specially made for Alpha 1 Team leader Preston Stormer.


After years of experience, Stormer used his position as Alpha Team leader to request construction of this tool. Each segment of the tool came in handy on more than one occasion, and saved Stormer’s life many times over. Hero Factory weapons analysts evaluated and improved this gadget after every mission.

During a battle in New Stellac City, Von Nebula created a black hole with his Black Hole Orb Staff that sucked up the Heroes' weapons, including the Multifunctional Ice Weapon, though Stormer eventually got it back.

After the Alpha Team was defeated at Tanker Station 22, and the Heroes were rebuilt, Stormer traded in this weapon for a Multi-Tool Ice Shield.

When the 3.0 upgrade came out, Stormer traded his ice shield for ice claws.


The multifuctional ice weapon, as the name implies, has multiple uses. It can grapple on to things (with the grappling spear), shoot bolts (with the bolt shooter), cut through things (with the Ice Saw) and has a blade that can retract in and out and regenerate (Piston Blade).


Set Information

The Multifunctional Ice Weapon was included in the Preston Stormer Hero Factory set from 2010.

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