“Remember, Furno - the nanobots may have already destroyed the last remains of Hero Stormer,
leaving only a deadly enemy within.”
Nathaniel Zib, The Enemy Within
User(s) Meltdown (Formerly)
Functionality Override Robot and Hero Systems
Status Neutralized

Nanobots are microscopic Robots.


At some point in time, Meltdown acquired an amount of nanobots most likely from Von Nebula and added them to his radioactive sludge. Von Nebula ordered him to infect Preston Stormer with them, resulting in the ironic fate of Hero Factory's greatest Hero destroying them.

To realize this result, Meltdown infected Chief Drax of Mekron City, an old friend of Stormer's, with the nanobots. The chief sent a distress call to Hero Factory, and Stormer arrived with three Rookies. Meltdown aimed for William Furno, but as expected, Stormer took the blow, and the nanobots entered his system.

Meltdown infecting Stormer with nanobots during The Enemy Within..

The Rookie Heroes then brought Stormer and Drax back to the Hero Factory, where Nathaniel Zib diagnosed the nature of the nanobots, and ordered the science team to begin working on a neutralization code. However, Stormer escaped into Makuhero City, where Furno tracked him down and compared him to Von Ness, causing the small amount of sanity left in Stormer to resist the nanobots. Stormer then ran out of energy and was brought back to the Hero Factory.

Stormer corrupted by nanobots.

During that same time period, the rest of the Alpha 1 Team retrieved a vital ingredient from Lunar Tratix, and it was subsequently used to make an antidote administered to both Stormer and Drax, neutralizing the nanobots.


Nanobots override the systems of both Robots and Heroes, causing them to go berserk and attempt to hurt other beings. They can be neutralized by a specific code, requiring an ingredient from Lunar Tratix, and they can also be resisted if the host body's will is strong enough.

Infection by nanobots causes a Robot or Hero's eye color to change to green.