“I've brought something very special to share with you guys!”
Thunder, Von Nebula
Nebula Gas Cannon
Nebula Gas Cannon in Use.png
User(s) Thunder
Functionality Fire Devastating Bolts of Energy
Status Confiscated

The Nebula Gas Cannon was a devastating weapon used by the Villain Thunder. It was presumably confiscated when Thunder was captured by the Alpha 1 Team.


The Nebula Gas Cannon held nebula gases inside it, which it used for fuel. Before firing, its barrel drew in matter and energy around it, and then released it in a devastating bolt of energy.

Example Usage

In Von Nebula, Thunder used the Nebula Gas Cannon to conjure up a bolt of energy and shot Preston Stormer with it. The Alpha Leader only survived thanks to Quadal's new armor that he was retrofitted with by Big Joe prior to leaving the Hero Factory.