New Stellac City
Drone Monument in HD.png
Position Unknown
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Intact
Pronunciation NOO STEH-lak SIT-ee

New Stellac City is a metropolis located somewhere within the Hero Factory Universe.


New Stellac City is named in honor of Stellac City. At some point in its history, the city was attacked by a giant Drone. Heroes Thresher, Preston Stormer, and Von Ness were summoned to defend it.

During the subsequent battle, Thresher was knocked unconscious, and Von Ness fled in the team's Drop Ship. Stormer reacted by cross-circuiting the Drone's wiring, at which point the Drone exploded, saving the city and his team leader. The Drone was then converted into a monument to honor Stormer and the Hero Factory.

New Stellac City was later the scene of the final conflict against Von Ness, who had become the evil "Von Nebula". In the battle, Breez, Surge, Bulk, and Stringer fought the villains known as Thunder, Corroder, XPlode, and Meltdown. Meanwhile, Stormer and Furno confronted Von Nebula inside of a black hole that formed above the city as a result of the Black Hole Orb Staff having been used. The Heroes managed to defeat the villains and take them captive.

The Town Square of New Stellac City before the Drone Monument was placed there.

As a result of the skirmish, New Stellac City's town square was heavily damaged, but the city remains otherwise intact.

Notable Locations

  • Town Square
    • Drone Monument