Ogrum Brain Attack.png
Affiliation Brains
Weapons Wrecking Mace and Vines
Status Active
Location Unknown

Ogrum is an ogre transformed into a poisonous plant beast and is controlled by a brain.


Ogrum before being mutated

Before the events of Brain Attack, Ogrum ogres were a part of a species of ogre native to jungles before being mutated by the brains. After the brains arrived on their planet, the ogres were mutated into poisonous plant-beasts. They eventually made their way to Makuhero City where they wreaked havoc on the city. One knocked a car over. A few others were shocked by Surge who was guarding the Hero Factory. Another was fighting Natalie Breez. It used its vines to tie her up, but she turned the tables, cutting free with her razor saw shield and binding the creature with its own vines. In the fight, they had their brains punched and destroyed by Natalie Breez, freeing them. They soon returned home while the brains were placed in villain storage.

Abilities and Traits

Orgum as seen in the Brain Attack episode

While under the Brains’ control, the Ogrum are transformed into poisonous plant beasts. While in this form, Ogrum has a hand made of vines which it can use to ensnare foes, allowing other Brain-controlled creatures to attack without opposition.


While under the Brains’ control, Ogrum are seen carrying a wrecking mace.

Set Information

44007 Ogrum was supposed to be released on January 2013. His set contains 59 pieces.


  • Hero Factory Brain Attack (Game) (First appearance)
  • Brain Attack


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