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“Don't you understand? Hero Factory's reign is over.”
Fire Lord
Ordeal of Fire
Ordeal of Fire Comic Cover
Year March 2011
Artist Elmer Damaso

Ordeal of Fire is the fifth Hero Factory comic. It was adapted from the television show by Greg Farshtey.


Nathan Evo and Julius Nex are on a mission in the Tarantula Nebula, when they are contacted by Preston Stormer, who is at at Tanker Station 22 with the Alpha 1 Team. He says that Alpha 1 is under attack by Fire Lord and his minions, and that he wants Evo and Nex to come as back up. Stormer and Fire Lord are fighting, when Fire Lord tells Stormer that they have met before, on Tallos 5, but Stormer does not remember him. Furno then attacks Fire Lord, who holds Furno by the neck and that he won't last long in the future. Breez is knocked out by Drilldozer and carried back to the others. Stormer kicks Fire Lord, and tells the others to collect the workers and take them onto the ship to flee. Surge is not happy about this, but he follows orders anyway.

Back on the ship, Stormer tells Nex and Evo to change their course and meet Alpha 1 back at the Hero Factory.

When they arrive at the Hero Factory, Stormer takes Breez, Furno and Surge to get upgraded, to become more powerful. The upgrade process is dangerous, but Stormer believes that it will give them the edge over Fire Lord, Jetbug, Drilldozer and Nitroblast. They enter the tubes, and leave as heroes 2.0.



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