Particle Separator
Particle Separator.png
User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Functionality Scatters User's Atoms To Evade Projectiles
Status In Use

A Particle Separator is a tool used by Heroes.


Nathaniel Zib invented the Particle Separator, possibly based after Dr. Calvin Metric's de-atomizer machine. He gave William Furno, Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, and all three members of Alpha 1 Team Particle Separators on a fateful mission. They used these to evade the attacks of Von Nebula's minions.


Particle Separators distort the structure of the user's body at an atomic level, causing all physical attacks to pass straight through the user. However, the user can often feel dizzy after use. Unlike the de-atomizer, they do not completely split the atoms, and so the users are able to retain their structure and identity.

Example Usage

In Von Nebula, the Heroes used Particle Separators to evade XPlode's Explosive Spikes.