Pyrox Brain Attack.png
Affiliation Brains
Weapons Horns, Flame Staff, Fire Claws
Status Active
Location Unknown

Before the Brain Attack

Pyrox is a bull-like creature transformed into a ferocious fire minotaur and is controlled by a brain.


Before the Brain Attack happened, Pyrox was a red, bull-like creature from a volcano. Pyrox was wandering alongside a lava pool when pods containing Brains crashed to the ground. One brain found it and attached itself to its head, transforming the bull like creature into minotaur-like beast called Pyrox. It marched onto Makuhero City and fought William Furno until Preston Stormer servered the brain from it. It soon returned home, while the brain was placed in storage.

Abilities and Traits

Pyrox has huge, black horns on his head and also an enormous spiked magma chin. He has red magma rock shoulder armor. Pyrox also has a metallic chest plate attached to his red torso. His legs are short and black, and his feet tiny in the same color. Pyrox has a normal-sized right hand which is holding his fire staff and his left hand is a big magma-like claw.


Flame Shooter: Shoots fire for long distances.

Claw: His claw is possibly made of lava, and possibly used for melee attacks.

Set Information

44001 Pyrox was supposed to be released on January 2013. His set contains 50 pieces.


  • Hero Factory Brain Attack (Game) (First appearance)
  • Brain Attack


  • "Pyro" is a prefix meaning fire which Pyrox's name is derived.

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