“Yes, Quadal, I heard. That new armor you helped design held up very well.”
Nathaniel Zib, Trials of Furno
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Hero Factory, Makuhero City

Quadal is a Robot that works alongside Nathaniel Zib in Makuhero City.


Quadal has assisted Zib for many years at the Hero Factory. He designs new armor and observes the Alpha 1 Team's missions.

Quadal working with Zib.

After the Alpha Team battled XPlode and Rotor on Merak 9, Zib sent Quadal to design new armor based on that mission data. Whilst hovering in that direction, Quadal came across Hero Factory's founder, Akiyama Makuro.

After another confrontation with XPlode and Rotor, this time on Lemus 2, Quadal scanned William Furno's Hero Core, and realized that it was running out of energy. Quadal attempted to scan Preston Stormer as well, but the Alpha Team Leader discouraged him.

When Preston Stormer was diagnosed as being infected with corruptive nanobots and went berserk, he seized Quadal and threw him into the air. William Furno managed to save the Robot however.

Before a mission to New Stellac City, Quadal insisted that Stormer try out some new armor of his. Stormer gave in and was modified by Big Joe in the Retrofitting Tower. Ultimately this new armor saved the Hero's life when Stormer was shot by the villain Thunder's Nebula Gas Cannon.

Sometime later Quadal assisted in the Upgrade and subsequent training of several members of Alpha 1.


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