“This huge beast has the agility and speed of a gorilla, and is a formidable opponent for any Hero intending to stop Witch Doctor.”
Raw Jaw 3
Status Common
Location Quatros
Pronunciation RAWH-jawh
Box Raw-Jaw
CGI Raw-Jaw

Raw-Jaws are gorillaphants from the planet of Quatros.


Corrupted Raw-Jaws

When Aldous Witch was transformed into the Witch Doctor, he planted corrupted Quaza Spikes on several of the Raw-Jaws as means of controlling them.

A corrupted Raw-Jaw, along with a Fangz and Waspix were sent by Witch Doctor to attack the Alpha 1 Team, but their attack was called off when Witch Doctor decided to make them do more work.

One was seen collecting Quaza. Witch Doctor ordered it to mine faster but the Raw-Jaw refused and begged for it to stop working. Instead, Witch Doctor used his Skull Staff to influence the Quaza Spike that was embedded into the Raw-Jaw, forcing to comply Witch Doctor's orders. Later, it was forced to do battle with a freed Scorpio, which it won by throwing the Scorpio into a chute. It was then freed when Stringer removed his Quaza Spike.

Abilities and Traits

Raw-Jaws have the agility and speed of gorillas, and possess massive strength. Their tusks can be used for warding off predators or impaling prey.

The Raw-Jaws under the control of Witch Doctor are more aggressive, and can be controlled through the Skull Staff.


Raw-Jaws can differ in color; known variations include red and yellow. They get their name from the two large tusks protruding from their mouth. Raw-Jaws are quadrupeds, and can utilize their large hands for a multitude of purposes.

Set Information

A Raw-Jaw set was released as one of the three Hero Factory small boxed villain sets of summer 2011. Its product number was 2232 and contained 52 pieces, including a printed armor piece and one dual-colored Quaza spike.


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