Razor-Sharp Claws
Acid Claw.png
User(s) Corroder (Formerly)
Functionality Shred Materials,
Shoot Acid, Melee Combat
Status Confiscated

The Razor-Sharp Claws were weapons used by the Villain Corroder. These weapons could be used in melee combat, to shoot acid, or to shred materials.

After Corroder was captured by the Alpha 1 Team, the claws were presumably confiscated.

Corroder firing acid from his claws.

Example Usage

In Core Crisis, Corroder blasted a stream of acid from his claws, dissolving through a metal girder intended to drop on Mark Surge.

Set Information

The Razor-Sharp Claws were included in the Corroder Hero Factory set from 2010, consisting of 10 of the set's 39 pieces, with one claw attached to each hand.