Rocka Crawler Machine
Rocka Crawler Machine.jpg
Battle Machine
User(s) Rocka
Functionality Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Rocka Crawler Machine was a bipedal battle machine used by Rocka in the Invasion From Below.


When the Heroes went underground during the Invasion from Below, Nathan Evo built Rocka the Rocka Crawler Machine, which the latter used to investigate an unopened cocoon. A Jumper leaped out at at the Hero who was in his battle machine, and knocked them off the column. The Hero used his battle machine's chainsaws to hold onto the edge, as the Jumper attacked repeatedly. Finally, Rocka used the Crawler Machine's legs to kick the beast off.

When the Heroes where divided, Mark Surge and Rocka, in their battle machines, got stuck in a chamber with magnetic ore rocks, which they were stuck to. A magnetic ore rock hit the Crawler Machine, knocking it flat on its back. A Tunneler Beast came up to Rocka, who was trapped in his battle machine. He tried to shoot it, but his gun was stuck, so the Hero used his Crawler Machine's chainsaw to cut one of the Tunneler Beast's hands, which aggravated it. Surge shot the beast off of Rocka, and attacked other beasts. Rocka managed to get his gun unstuck, right before the magnetic ore rock he was on crashed into another, destroying it. His battle machine was pulled towards another rock, and another rock came and sandwiched the battle machine. Rocka abandoned it and joined surge in his Combat Machine.


The Rocka Crawler Machine is completely symmetrical, with two chainsaws, one on each arm, and laser shooters on the sides of the cockpit, and the armor on both sides matching each other. It also has a detachable gun at the top which is able to shoot a lego stud.

Set Information

The Rocka Crawler Machine (set number 44023) comes with 49 pieces and includes Rocka, a gun for the Hero, a Jumper, and a cocoon.


  • It is the smallest set of wave 2 of 2014.
  • Excluding the Hero Robot set, it is the smallest battle machine with only 30 pieces going into the battle machine itself.
  • It is also the only battle machine that doesn't have a cockpit window.
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