Rocka Stealth Machine
Hero Factory Invasion from Below Wave 1 - Rocka Stealth Machine.jpg
Battle Machine
User(s) Rocka
Functionality Stealth Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Rocka Stealth Machine is the machine Rocka used during the Invasion from Below. It had the ability to turn invisible.It was disabled by a Jumper.


It was built by Evo for Rocka to fight the beasts. Rocka managed to catch a small invader inside it, but it managed to escape and he was forced to eject from it.


The Rocka Stealth Machine had a Goo Shooter, a Grab Claw, a Scanning Canister, Stealth Shoulder Elements and Hero Stealth Cockpit

Set Information

The Rocka Stealth Machine (set number 44019) includes 89 pieces, Rocka, a gun and a Jumper.

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