“I just love cutting Heroes down to size.”
— Rotor, LEGO HERO FACTORY Booklet
Rotor (Close Up) HD.png
Affiliation XPlode, Von Nebula
Weapons Biohazard Gas Shooter, Meteor Blaster
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Rotor is XPlode's dim-witted villain, and a minion of Von Nebula.


Rotor's homeworld is pursuing him for treason due to crimes he committed at some point. The planet has given him the death penalty, and he will be disassembled if returned there.

At some point, Rotor was recruited into Von Nebula's gang. Since then, he has been responsible for extortion, sabotage, and assault in several parts of the Hero Factory Universe. In order to keep him in line, Rotor was assigned to be the assistant of major criminal XPlode.

During a raid of C-4000 explosives guarded by the Alpha 1 Team, Rotor was left to fend for himself by XPlode. Rotor taunted a cuff-wielding William Furno, who retaliated by throwing his Dual Fire Shooter into Rotor's propeller blades. He managed to escape and reappear on Lemus 2, again alongside with XPlode, stealing from an Explosives Plant. Although he and XPlode were fooled by a decoy Hero Pod he shot down into believing they had taken a hero out of the fight, the duo managed to kill Preston Stormer. Furno, gaining the upper hand on his Furno Bike, managed to jump off the vehicle and wrestle Rotor. The rookie managed to cuff Rotor, and led him into the team's Drop Ship. Furno and the revived Stormer delivered Rotor to lock-up.

Rotor was then placed Hero Factory Prison Chamber 132. He escaped in the mass Breakout and is still on the loose.


Rotor is described as XPlode's "sycophant flunky." He is also known for his sick sense of humor, given that he tries to decapitate people with his propeller blades.


Rotor has black and orange armor, and is outfitted with a pair of propellers for travel.


Rotor wielded a Meteor Blaster and a smaller, hand-held version of it. He also used a Biohazard Gas Shooter.

Set Information

Rotor was released as a large boxed Hero Factory set in August 2010. His set number was 7162, and contained 145 pieces. Unlike other helmets released, Rotor's has a lack of eye holes. One could adjust and/or spin the propeller blades on his back for added play value. A sticker sheet was included, which was intended to be placed onto certain parts of the set.


“Go ahead and try it, kid. I won't even hurt you... much.”
— Rotor to William Furno, The Trials of Furno
“Hey, okay. You win. But now you lose.”
— Rotor, Trials of Furno



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