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Savage Planet
Year July 2011
Artist Elmer Damaso

Savage Planet is the sixth Hero Factory comic. It was adapted from the television show by Greg Farshtey.


Rocka receives a distress call from Aldous Witch, on Quatros, whilst in his Dropship. He travels to Quatros, and decides to investigate it himself. He lands, and is ambushed by Aldous Witch, who has now become Witch Doctor, as he absorbed the mined Quaza. Back at the Hero Factory, Preston Stormer is telling William Furno, Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk and Julius Nex about Rocka being missing on Quatros. Stormer tells them that they have some specialised armour ready for them to take to Quatros with them, and they put the armour on. Now that they are fully prepared, they head to Quatros. On the way there, they realise that the Planet relies on the Quaza to survive, and it's beginning to die. When they land, Stormer states that the the planet should be protected, and Nex replies that Hero Codes would be needed to shut the defenses down, without realising that Witch was an employee at the Hero Factory. Stormer says that Witch was his Professor, but he became obsessed with Quaza. Stormer found Witch trying to implant himself with Quaza one day, and Witch was exiled. During this conversation, Nex gets a read on Rocka, and begins to track him down. Eventually, they find Rocka, knocked down next to a tree. He tells them that Witch Doctor did that to him, and Stormer wonders how Witch gained the power to do so. Furno states that they can ask him themselves, as he was right next to them. Furno runs to Witch Doctor, but the roots of the tree trip him over. He gets up, and threatens Witch. He goes to hit Witch, but misses and slams in to a tree. Witch admits that he's been absorbing the Quaza, and states that his reactions and strength have improved. He then says that the reason he called for the Hero Factory to come and help him because he needed a ship to leave the planet. Witch Doctor then flees, and leaves a Waspix, a Fangz and a Raw-Jaw to attack the Heroes.


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