Savage Planet 2
Savage Planet 2 1
Year November 2011
Artist Elmer Damaso

Savage Planet 2 is the seventh Hero Factory comic. It is set directly after the events of the sixth comic.


The Alpha 1 Team find themselves surrounded by the Scorpio, Raw-Jaw, and Waspix on the planet of Quatros. As the Heroes prepare themselves for battle, the creatures suddenly leave, to their surprise. After Rocka returns from his 3.0 refitting, they start to discuss how to find Witch Doctor. Rocka and Furno get into a heated debate on the best course of action, which prompts Stormer to split them up into two teams, where Furno is in charge of Nex and Stringer, while Rocka is in charge of Bulk and himself. During the discussion, Witch Doctor is forcing the Raw-Jaw to continue mining for Quaza.

The heroes come across a teleportation unit, which Rocka theorizes is unstable. Regardless, Rocka decides to lead his team through the unit. Despite arguments from Furno at first, he agrees and leads his team through the long route. Exiting the teleporter to the Witch Doctor's lair, they realize they have been reduced in size and request help from Furno. Furno is unable to help them due to being stuck in battle with the corrupted beasts. Both Rocka and Nex notice the unnatural red spikes placed on the beasts, and come to the conclusion that Witch Doctor is controlling them through the Quaza spikes. Furno's group then proceeds to destroy the spikes and release the creatures of the Witch Doctor's control.

Furno's team runs to look for Rocka's team, arriving just as Witch Doctor discovers the shrunken heroes. While the Scorpio fights Witch Doctor for his enslavement, Nex devises a plan to restore the heroes to normal size by rewiring the teleportation unit using the energy from his Quaza Core. Restored to full size, the Heroes team up against the Witch Doctor. When they notice their efforts aren't working, Rocka decides to upgrade himself and take on Witch Doctor himself. Stormer takes the opportunity to steal Witch's Skull Staff, and Rocka lunges at Witch Doctor, defeating him. However, Witch Doctor explains the planet is destroying itself from the inside.

Furno devises a plan, and gets Bulk to hurl him up in the air to reach the blimp used for storing Quaza. Furno destroys it and Quaza falls back down into the center of the planet, restoring it to its former glory. Back at the ship, Stormer tells Furno and Rocka they worked best when working together. The Heroes then return to the Hero Factory and leave Quatros to return to normal.





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