Scarox Brain Attack
Affiliation Brains
Weapons Striking Blades, Poison Fangs
Status Active
Location Unknown

Scarox is a dune crawler transformed into a venomous spider beast and is controlled by a brain.



Scarox before being mutated.

One of the Scaroxes was in a desert when a brain took over his body and mutated it in sand. It, along with others of its kind, marched on to Makuhero City, where they fought multiple Heroes.

Two attacked Natalie Breez, who fought them off, and one jumped on her while she was bound by an Ogrum's vines, but she cut herself out and defeated it.

Rocka fought one and blocked its blows with his shield and sword.

Another was seen trying to get into the Hero Factory, but was fought off by Mark Surge.

The last one seen was fighting Breez, before she knocked the brain out. The creatures later returned home while the brains were placed in villain storage.


Striking Blades: The blades used to be feet, but when Scarox mutated, they became melee weapons on its arms.

Fangs: His fangs are venomous and can pierce any armor easily and can kill a victim with slowly. Even the toughest armor can be easily broken by them.


Set Information

44003 Scarox was released on January 2013. His set contains 46 pieces.


  • Hero Factory Brain Attack (Game) (First appearance)
  • Brain Attack

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