“Come in heroes! We don’t want to alarm you but a huge scorpion is headed your way! With heavy spike-plate armor covering its body, power pincers, tail shooter and corrupted Quaza, this beast is going to make stopping Witch Doctor a whole lot harder!”
Scorpio 3
Status Common
Location Quatros
Pronunciation scor-PEE-oh
Box Scorpio
Scorpio Battle
CGI Scorpio

Scorpio are techno-organic scorpion-like creatures from the planet Quatros.


Corrupted Scorpios

When Aldous Witch was transformed into the Witch Doctor, he outfitted several of the Scorpios with corrupted Quaza Spikes as means of controlling them. One was used for protecting Witch Doctor.

A Scorpio under the command of Witch Doctor did battle with Stringer and Nex. It later chased them and Furno to the temple. Upon arriving, Furno managed to remove his Quaza Spike. Free from Witch Doctor's command over him, the Scorpio attacked Witch Doctor, intending on getting revenge. However, Witch Doctor forced a Raw-Jaw to attack the Scorpio. The both of them wrestled with each other until the Raw-Jaw gained the upper hand and threw the Scorpio down a chute.

Abilities and Traits

Scorpio are intelligent and dangerous creatures which are considered notoriously hard to find. Despite their large size, they enjoy crawling through tight spaces and stunning their prey by striking their stinger tails at lightning speed. Scorpio are also able to shoot projectiles from their tails in order to take care of distant prey without harming themselves.

Scorpio have thick spiked armor plating, which helps protect them from most predators.


  • In its TV appearance Scropio was just called a Scorpion.
  • Scorpio has the same head piece as Waspix.

Set Information

A Scorpio set was released as a Hero Factory large boxed villain set in summer 2011. Its product number is 2236 and contains 104 pieces, including a printed armor piece and two dual-colored Quaza spikes.

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