“Amazingly, the skull amplified the power of the Quaza and transformed Aldous Witch into Witch Doctor, an incredibly powerful being.”
Skull Staff
Skull Staff
User(s) Witch Doctor
Functionality Control wildlife that bear Quaza Spikes, Melee Combat
Status In Use

The Skull Staff is a special weapon designed and used by Witch Doctor.


When Aldous Witch traveled to the planet of Quatros, he started mining for Quaza mineral, a substance he had always yearned for. While excavating, he found a stone skull inside an ancient temple and mounted it onto a staff he found. When he put a sliver of Quaza into it however, the skull amplified the minerals’ power and transformed the mild professor into the powerful tyrant known as Witch Doctor.


The Skull Staff can be used to control any creatures that carry spikes of corrupted Quaza due to its power.

Set Information

The Skull Staff was included in the Witch Doctor Hero Factory set of Summer 2011. Excluding the hand piece, the staff is composed of 22 of the sets 331 pieces.

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