“It's a giant chicken named Snowflake, and he's, he's burning everything.
Oh, snap, he just blew up my house, and, his eyes are bright red, and, he shoots
fire out of his nose, and he's able to transform things into little, tiny chickens.”
— An Emergency Caller, Hero Factory FM
Weapons Fiery Breath
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Snowflake is an average Shape-shifter.


Snowflake has been tracked by the Hero Factory for a while. He can be quite destructive, and has recently started destroying houses.


Being a shape-shifter, Snowflake can take many forms, one of which includes a monstrous chicken. In this form he is known to have red eyes. It is unknown if his other forms share this trait.


Snowflake apparently has several abilities, some of which include turning objects into smaller versions of himself, and shooting fire from his nose. He also has the ability to shape-shift into other forms that he wishes, but the full extent of this power is unknown, nor are the effects they impose upon him.


  • Several of the other names Snowflake goes by include Tinky Winky, Sam the Happy Squirrel, Clown Face and Craig Philips.


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