Splitter Beast
Affiliation Beasts
Weapons Lamp-post
Status Unknown
Location Below Antropolis City

The Splitter Beast is a beast that came from underground during the Invasion from Below.


After the hole in Antropolis city opened up, the Splitter Beast came out from underground. It chased William Furno through the city, and the fiery Hero lead it to Nathan Evo, who was in his Evo XL Machine. The two fought, and with the help of Furno, Evo managed to defeat it, yet the smaller beast of the pair left its larger partner and managed to capture Furno, taking him underground and leaving the larger Beast at the surface.

It is unknown what happened to them after the Invasion from Below.


When combined, the Splitter Beast looks like it has two large heads and small skeletal wings.

When split, the larger one has an orange head with black spike like wings and black underbite, plasma claws, a small tail, and wields a silver street lamp.

The smaller half has a blue head with an overbite, a small black lower jaw, two small front arms, and two small black legs.

Set Information

Splitter Beast vs. Furno and Evo, a.k.a set 44021, comes with 108 pieces as well as Furno and Evo, the former wielding a fire sword and the latter wielding a laser gun, and both wielding a chain.

The beast itself takes up 83 pieces, with the Heroes taking up 25.


  • This is the first Hero factory set to have two heads.
  • It is also the only 2014 Wave 1 set with two Heroes.
  • It is the first Hero Factory set that can split into two.
  • This makes it the second Hero Factory set to have two Hero Factory figures in the same set, the first being Bulk vs. Vapor.


500px-Splitter Beast animated

Splitter Beast vs Evo XL machine

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