Stormer Freeze Machine
Hero Factory Invasion from Below Wave 1 - Stormer Freeze Machine.jpg
Battle Machine
User(s) Stormer
Functionality Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Stormer Freeze Machine was the battle machine Preston Stormer used in Invasion from Below.


The Stormer Freeze Machine was built by Nathan Evo for Stormer to use during the Invasion from Below. When it was complete, Stormer, Rocka, and William Furno took off in their battle machines to fight the beasts. The Hero used his battle machine to fight off some Jumpers.

Stormer then sneaked up on a Jaw Beast, and the two fought. The beast cut off the Freeze Machine's ice shooter, and Stormer grabbed it with the battle machine's hand.

Someway or another, the beast broke out, destroyed the Freeze Machine, and took Stormer underground.


The Stormer Freeze Machine has an orange and blue cockpit, big feet, a big hand, a translucent blue container, and an ice gun. It also has two flick fire missiles on its left arm and a satellite on its right.

Set Information

The Stormer Freeze Machine (set number 44017) comes with 89 pieces and includes Stormer and his gun, as well as two Jumpers.



Stormer vs jaw beast

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