Stuck on a Problem!
Defeated Insect.JPG
Year September/October 2010
Artist Sean Wang

Stuck on a Problem! is a two-page Hero Factory mini-comic found in the September/October 2010 LEGO Club Jr. Magazine.


Heroes William Furno and Preston Stormer are dispatched to an alien swamp world on a mission to stop a rampaging mechanical insect. Furno exclaims that the mud is sticky, rendering it difficult to move. Both Heroes try to fire with their weapons but miss. Thinking fast, Furno gets an idea from the mud and throws it at the insect. The monster crashes in the mud near Furno and Stormer, splattering the latter with goo, for which Furno apologizes. Stormer says there's no need to be sorry as their menace was successfully dealt with. Furno exclaims he can't wait for his next mission, and both Heroes decide to return to the Hero Factory.


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