“How did you end up with a name like Pinhead?"
"It's my family's name. I come from a long line of Pinheads!"
"Uhh, yeah. No kidding.”
Mak Megahertz and Sturgeon Pinhead, Hero Factory FM
Sturgeon Pinhead
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Hero Factory, Makuhero City

Sturgeon Pinhead is a Robot who lives in Makuhero City and works as one of Hero Factory’s Mission Managers.


Not much is known about Sturgeon other than the fact that he works in Mission Control at the Hero Factory, where he coordinates activities for an unknown Hero Factory Team. During the twelfth broadcast of Hero Factory FM, Mak Megahertz toured the Factory, answering an emergency call and hanging up abruptly before the organization could receive full information. However, Sturgeon and the other Mission Managers were able to trace the call and send a team of Heroes to the scene to help the caller.

Mak later came to Mission Control, where he spoke with Sturgeon (repeatedly asking him about his surname, the ludicrosy of which Sturgeon remained oblivious to). Mak finished the interview and left Sturgeon to continue with his duties.


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