Surge and Rocka Combat Machine
Surge and Rocka Combat Machine
Battle Machine
User(s) Mark Surge


Functionality Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Surge and Rocka Combat Machine is Surge's battle machine for 2014.


After the Heroes went underground during the Invasion from Below, they were equipped with battle machines suited to travelling underground. When the Heroes were seperated, Surge and Rocka, in their battle machines, were trapped in a cave of magnetic ore rocks, and stuck to the rocks. Surge fought off some Jumpers and a Tunneler Beast using his battle machine. The Rocka Crawler Machine got trapped between two rocks, and Rokca escaped, only to get chased by a Tunneler Beast. Surge helped Rocka into his Combat Machine, which they used to fight off more Jumpers. Suddenly, a magnetic ore rock was attracted to the front cockpit, were Surge was, and destroyed it. The Hero was then captured by a Tunneler Beast, and Rocka using the Combat Machine's flight mode to pursue Surge.


Flight mode.

Rocka tried to fight the Queen Beast with the Combat Machine's "jet", only for the Queen to swat it away, destroying it.


The Surge and Rocka Combat Machine has 4 triple jointed legs, many missiles, two cockpits, and extendable wings.

Set Information

The Surge and Rocka Combat Machine (set number 44028) includes 188 pieces, Surge and Rocka, two guns, two Jumpers, and a cocoon.


  • It's the only battle machine that can hold two pilots.
  • It's the only battle machine that can split up.
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