Tank Arm
User(s) Nathan Evo
Functionality Defense and projectile shooting
Status Out of Use

The Tank Arm is a dual melee and defense weapon used Nathan Evo.


Evo obtained the Tank Arm when he was upgraded to his Breakout form. He used it to capture Toxic Reapa. It was later removed when he was reequipped with armor to fight the Brains for the Brain Attack, and the Plasma Gun on it was replaced with a Tornado Staff.


The Tank Arm is filled with anti-venom, which helps protect Evo's armor – especially his feet. The case is extremely tough, and when used with a plasma shooter, the Tank Arm can crunch through just about any obstruction. The tank arm can also be used as a melee weapon or, when shot at the ground, can rocket the user upward.

Example Usage

In Breakout Evo used the tank arm first to try and shoot Toxic Reapa and then as a booster rocket to knock the villan away from his quarry.

Set Information

The Tank Arm was included in the Breakout Set Evo in Winter of 2012. It uses #number of the sets #number pieces.

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