The Makuhero Star
Mhs 1
Year 2010
Author Unknown

The Makuhero Star is a newspaper that was supplied with the September/October 2010 LEGO Club Magazine in the United Kingdom.

Article Summaries

Von Nebula's Earth invasion plan thwarted

Though Von Nebula's amassed army invaded and enslaved Earth, Hero Factory arrived and, with Earth's forces, fought back and defeated the villain and his villains. Von Nebula himself fled into unknown regions. The Hero Factory is remaining to clean up the mess.

Makuhero City worker reports monster beetles; Hero Factory called in as panic spreads

Mr. RZ 320T Grinder encountered monster beetles while working in the sewage systems of Makuhero City; the Hero Factory was called in to apprehend the beetles and return them to their home planet.

Preston Stormer to receive Bravery Award for services to people of Earth

The Queen of England has invited Alpha 1 Team Leader Preston Stormer to Buckingham Palace to receive the Bravery Award for his part in the battle against Von Nebula.

Makuhero FC go top as Furno scores last-minute scorcher

Thanks to William Furno and Brian Blaster's amazing goal in their win against the Nagashi Raiders, their team, the Makuhero FC, is currently five points ahead of all other teams.

Furno ends speculation and signs new three-year deal

William Furno has signed in for another three years on the Makuhero FC, to the delight of team manager Sir Alex Ferrous and many fans.


The newspaper also contains advertisements, among them ones for the Hero Factory, a vacation on Venus, and the Bio-Engineers Proton Stormer and Sons.

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