6228 Thornraxx Art.jpg
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Stinger and Claws
Status Alive
Location Imprisoned at the Villain Storage Facility

Thornraxx is a wasp-like Villain from the hive planet, Hivilus V who escaped from Hero Factory containment during the mass Breakout.


He was a wasp-like villain who was imprisoned by Hero Factory. Due to the breakout created by Voltix and Black Phantom, he was able to break his security locks and escape. He then returned to Hivilus V to recruit more members of his species to destroy the Hero Factory. Natalie Breez was assigned to capture him and fought against the mad villain. Being very territorial, Thornraxx believed that Breez was "corrupting the nest." In a deadly rage attack however, Breez dodge, spun around, and cuffed Thornraxx. He was then put in a cell at the Hero Factory.

Abilities and Traits

Thornraxx loves to fly and low-buzz enemies, jabbing at them with his deadly stinger or venom spitter. He comes from a hive planet and even among those notoriously short-tempered insects, he stands out as being extra mean. The exploits that landed him in Hero Factory’s villain containment facility are classified, but witnesses all agreed they would be watching the skies for the rest of their lives.

Breez is hot on Thornraxx’s tail, but the inhospitable environment will slow her down, giving Thornraxx time to recruit even more bad-tempered buzzers to his side.

Set Information

6228 Thornraxx was released on July 23, 2012 in United States. In Europe he was released in January 2012. His set contains 44 pieces.


  • Thornraxx's name is very similar to Thornax, the name of a spiked fruit used as a weapon in BIONICLE.
    • His name is most likely derived from the words "thorn" and "thorax".
  • His head piece is the same piece as the Arachnix Drone's main body.


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