“In person. Hold on to your Hero helmets!”
— Thunder, Von Nebula
Affiliation Von Nebula
Weapons Nebula Gas Cannon, Meteor Blaster, Crush Claw
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Thunder is one of Von Nebula's villainous and destructive servants.


Thunder has committed countless thefts and extortion acts, and is suspected in the shredding of an entire trade fleet. At some point, Von Nebula recruited Thunder into his personal gang.

Von Nebula led Thunder and the other villains to rob the Deltari Quadrant of their palomino diamonds, which they did successfully.

Ugly Mug

Thunder battling the Heroes.

Thunder, along with Corroder, was sent down to New Stellac City in a meteorite-like pod. For this mission, he wielded a special Nebula Gas Cannon. The two villains fought the Alpha 1 Team until two more pods, containing XPlode and Meltdown, arrived. However, shortly before this, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge arrived as well. Von Nebula created a black hole with his Black Hole Orb Staff, and sucked up the Heroes' weapons, as well as Stormer and Furno, leaving the rest of the Heroes for the villains. However, the four Heroes scattered their atoms with Particle Separators so that the villains' weapons couldn't harm them. The villains eventually ran out of ammo. Thunder and Meltdown were stunned, followed by Corroder and later XPlode. Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk took a giant metal bar and wrapped it around the four villains. Thunder has escaped from imprisonment following the mass breakout. He is still on the loose.


Thunder is said to be Von Nebula's toughest servant, if the stupidest. He takes pleasure in the fact that he can scare most citizens just by looking at them. His lack of intelligence leads some heroes to the mistaken conclusion that it is a weakness. Few have made this mistake and lived to tell the tale. He will sometimes twist his body into a ball to bowl over his adversaries.


Thunder has silver and black armor and translucent crimson eyes.


Thunder was armed with a Crush Claw and a Meteor Blaster. Briefly, he wielded a Nebula Gas Cannon.

Set Information

Thunder was released as one of the four "small boxed" Hero Factory villain sets in August 2010. His set number was 7157 and contained 47 pieces. A sticker sheet was included, which was intended to be placed onto certain parts of the set.


“Furno: "All right, everybody, spread out. There's three of us, and two of them. We can handle 'em."
Thunder: "Need to work on your math skills, genius, because XPlode and Meltdown make ... uh ... four!"(Thunder holds up three fingers)”
William Furno and Thunder, Von Nebulaleft


  • Thunder is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in Rise of the Rookies.
  • Thunder's helmet sculpt would later be modified and reused for Splitface.


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