This is a list of all major events in the Hero Factory Universe.


100 Years Ago

Over 90 Years Ago

Sometime Between 100 Years Ago and Before 1 Year Ago

  • Heroes Duece Carter, Oscar Flint, and Felonius Fox stop a monster from devouring a sun.
  • Carter, Flint, and Fox rescue the King of Saturn from the Gorgon of Neptune.
  • Carter, Flint, and Fox all head their separate ways.
  • Nathaniel Zib joins the Hero Factory.
  • A Hero Factory Team consisting of Thresher, Von Ness, and Preston Stormer protects New Stellac City from a giant Drone; Thresher is critically injured, and Von Ness flees.
  • Von Ness is transformed into an ebony behemoth and acquires the Black Hole Orb Staff.
  • Hobo-Chincu, after a galaxy-wide feeding frenzy, checks into a clinic for problem eaters and ends up consuming that as well.
  • Fire Lord and several other mining bots are built and put to work on Tallos 5
  • Preston Stormer visits Tallos 5 and encounters the Mining Bot who'll eventually become Fire Lord.
  • Scientists modify the Mining Bots to absorb fuel from one of their hands.
  • Several of the Mining Bots become corrupted due to a flaw in their modification, and leave Tallos 5 to wreck havoc in the universe.
  • Witch Doctor is assembled, and manages to defeat his creators after they attempt to retaliate.
  • Rotor commits treason on his home-world and flees into the rest of the galaxy.
  • Meltdown destroys a major city.
  • Meltdown sabotages an iridium mine.
  • An entire trade fleet is found shredded in their hangars, with Thunder as a suspect.
  • Corroder sabotages the Cygnia Thermo-Dam.
  • Vapor commits crimes in Mekron City, and becomes wanted as a result.
  • Von Nebula recruits Corroder, Meltdown, Rotor, Thunder, Vapor, and XPlode as his Villains.
  • Von Nebula makes Rotor become XPlodes assistant, in order to keep the former in line.
  • Alpha Team clears up pandemonium over Almaak IV's disappearance.
  • Members of the Almaak V government are arrested due to their plan to spark a war with the Prima Giedi system.
  • Snowflake comes to the attention of Hero Factory.
  • Drilldozer comes into opposition with a group of Heroes, and leaves them in need of medical care.
  • Hero Factory Team Delta 9 saves a Space Station Regular 1 from space pirates.
  • Hero Factory Team Epsilon 4 captures a rogue dragon on Earth.
  • Hero Factory Team Mu 19 dispels dangerous Yequee clouds.
  • Hero Factory Team Rho 3 proves Hero Factory's innocence in sabotages in the Etamin system.
  • Hero Factory Team Rho 14 rounds up a fire sprite infestation at the Android Relaxation Grounds Castle.
  • Hero Factory Team Zed 4 protects a Suzerain princess on a trek to meet other Suzerain warlords on Seginus.

One Year Ago

Less Than One Year Ago

Less Than One Month Ago

  • XPlode and Rotor attack a C-4000 shipment on Merak 9, but Alpha 1 fend them off.
  • Preston Stormer takes William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge on a training mission, only for XPlode and Rotor to reappear at an Explosives Plant on Lemus 2; the team manages to capture Rotor, and XPlode flees.
  • Mak Megahertz broadcasts his first Hero Factory FM podcast, interviewing Alpha Team on past missions.
  • The second podcast airs, in which William Furno is interviewed while in a training simulation of Fabulox 18.
  • Preston Stormer and William Furno are dispatched to an alien swamp world to stop a rampaging giant insect.
  • The third episode of Hero Factory FM airs.
  • Corroder attacks the construction site of Penitentiary 1331 on Tantalus 5, trapping Dunkan Bulk under a load of metal girders.
  • William Furno fights Corroder off, and Bulk is excavated from the rubble.
  • In the fourth episode of Hero Factory FM, Zed Clickstart is wounded while reporting on Gamma Team's battle with a horde of villains.
  • Preston Stormer and the rookies travel to Mekron City, where they encounter and apprehend an apparently insane Chief Drax; Meltdown appears and hits Stormer with sludge, promptly leaving thereafter.
  • Chief Drax and Preston Stormer are investigated, and it is revealed that Meltdown's toxins contained nanobots which can corrupt a Robot's systems; Stormer goes berserk and escapes the Hero Factory.
  • The fifth podcast of Hero Factory FM features Duece Carter and Oscar Flint.
  • Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge recover an ingredient for the "antidote" to the nanobots on Lunar Tratix.
  • William Furno tracks Preston Stormer to the middle of Makuhero City, where they do battle; Furno triumphs and brings Stormer back to the Hero Factory, where he is cured.
  • Gargantuan Smash joins with opera singer Lydia Zehula to create an artistic duo.
  • The Hero Factory Fan Club climbs the Hero Factory in a major breach of security.
  • Hero Factory FM episode six interviews the Hero Factory Fan Club.
  • Episode seven of Hero Factory FM features Zed Clickstart being savaged by the Acid Snake of Videon, and Mak is de-atomized by a prototype device.
  • In the eighth installment of Hero Factory FM, Mak interviews Tibor Terrell about Hero Factory: The Musical.
  • Von Nebula and his crew successfully raid the Deltari Quadrant.
  • The ninth episode of Hero Factory FM features Hero Recon Team agent "Smith", who brings in the mission files on Von Nebula and his crew.
  • Alpha Team is sent to New Stellac City to investigate a meteorite strike; Corroder and Thunder emerge from the crater and do battle with them.
  • The Rookie Heroes are sent to aid Alpha 1, but XPlode and Meltdown arrive as they do.
  • Von Nebula appears in the sky and disarms the Heroes; while Furno and Stormer battle the villain, the rest of the Heroes capture his villains.
  • Preston Stormer makes an official announcement to Daniella Capricorn, regarding William Furno and his skill.

Less Than One Week Ago

  • Akiyama Makuro perfects the blueprints for the Upgrade process, though flaws arise in terms of upgrading existing Heroes.
  • Nathan Evo and Julius Nex are built using the Upgrade.
  • Akiyama Makuro holds a press conference, and unveils Nex and Evo when discussing the upgrade.
  • The Fire Villians attack a Hero Refueling Station and begin siphoning all the Hero Pod fuel
  • The Alpha Team is dispatched to defeat the threat, though the villains overpower the Heroes and defeat them with ease.
  • Surge distracts the villains while the rest of Alpha Team retreats.
  • Preston Stormer, William Furno, and Natalie Breez try to convince Mr. Makuro to let them have the Upgrade.
  • The three Heroes are upgraded, and are sent to Virtual Training to get accustomed to their new structure.
  • Despite their performance, they request to be sent back to Tanker Station 22.
  • Arriving at the Refueling Station, the Heroes start to combat the villains once more.
  • Stormer starts to combat the Fire Lord, who retells his story and why they're after fuel.
  • A Fuel Ship nearly kills Breez and Furno, and both get their weapons "stuck" as a result. Drilldozer arrives to take care of them.
  • A Hero Pod, containing Nex and Evo, appears and turns the tide in battle.
  • Drilldozer and Nitroblast are captured, which leads Fire Lord to run to the largest fuel deposit.
  • As Fire Lord is about to beat all five Heroes, a Fuel Ship rams into him, severing his absorption hand and allowing Stormer to defeat him.
  • Surge emerges from the vehicle, and is brought back to the Hero Factory to receive his Upgrade.
  • The Fire Villains are brought back to the Hero Factory as well, in an effort to clean them of their fuel addiction.
  • A ceremony honoring Surge's bravery is held, where it is announced all Heroes will be upgraded ahead of schedule.
  • Every Hero is given the Upgrade.
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