Tratix Reptoids
Tratix Reptoid
Status Rare
Location Lunar Tratix
Pronunciation TRAY-tiks REP-toyds

The Tratix Reptoids are a species of serpentine creatures in the Hero Factory Universe, inhabiting the mysterious world of Lunar Tratix.


The Tratix Reptoids prowl Lunar Tratix, looking for prey. When Heroes Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge arrived on the planet to find an important ingredient, a female Tratix Reptoid attacked with her head and tail in quick succession. She focused on Breez, but Surge ran in front of his friend and attracted the Tratix Reptoid's attention. She picked him up in her tail, preparing to eat him. However, Breez used her connection with nature to speak with the reptoid, and convinced it to release Surge and retrieve the ingredient for them. The Heroes then left the planet with the ingredient.

Tratix Reptoid Comic

A Tratix Reptoid battling the Alpha 1 Team in the Comics.


Tratix Reptoids are giant, mechanical snakes. Their bodies are comprised of segments, the two directly behind the head having triangular spike protrusions around their edge. Their heads are bullet-like in shape, with narrow green eyes and slight crests above these eyes. The crests flip out before a Tratix Reptoid strikes.

Tratix Repoid about to devour Mark Surge

A Tratix Reptoid preparing to devour Mark Surge.

They at first appear to have no mouths, instead a circular plate at the end of their head, but when preparing to eat, this plate dislocates its joints and stretches open, revealing an extravagant amount of buzzsaws and fangs. At the other end of their body, they sport a tail with buzzsaw weapons as well as what may be a capturing pincer claw judging by Surge seemingly being unable to move while held by it's tail indicating a pincer of some sort.


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