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“You believe that Rookie pushed himself so hard training, he can hardly stand up?”
“Shocking! Now the last time I saw one do that was... let me think for a moment [...]
that is correct Quadal, it was a fresh new Rookie named Preston Stormer.”
— Preston Stormer and Nathaniel Zib
Trials of Furno
Tvshow furnobike
Television Show Episode
Year 2010
Director Mark Baldo
Next Episode Core Crisis

Trials of Furno is the first episode in Rise of the Rookies.


A shipment of C-4000 explosives descends to a Merak 9 Mining Center. A Drop Ship follows, and the Alpha 1 Team grapples down from it. William Furno requests permission from Preston Stormer to descend, but Stormer refuses. Rotor then attacks, and the Heroes return fire. XPlode then arrives and begins dueling with Stormer. At the Hero Factory, Nathaniel Zib and Quadal maintain contact with Alpha Team.


XPlode dueling Stormer.

The battle drives the Heroes into a mine, when Furno again asks to descend, but Stormer once again refuses. Meanwhile, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge watch from Mission Control, as Stormer continues dueling with XPlode. Stormer disarms the villain, but XPlode launches his Explosive Spikes, distracting Stormer, and flees, leaving Rotor for the Heroes. Furno is finally allowed to come down and bind Rotor in Hero Cuffs. After much taunting, Rotor whirls and shoots at Furno, causing Stormer to shove him out of the way and allowing the villain to escape.

Back at Hero Factory, Akiyama Makuro speaks with Professor Zib on Furno's potential. When Alpha Team returns, Furno hits the Training Sphere, vowing to earn Stormer's respect and get revenge on Rotor. Some time later, Stormer decides to take the rookies on a training mission. He, Surge, and Breez find Furno lying exhausted on his Furno Bike in the Training Sphere, and take him to recharge his Hero Core before setting off.

HF Ep 1-10Rotor

Rotor preparing to fire his Biohazard Gas Shooter.

Whilst flying through space, Stormer receives an emergency call from an Explosives Plant on Lemus 2. At the plant, XPlode and Rotor are making off with two crates of explosives when they notice a Hero Pod descending. Rotor easily shoots it down, but the pod was merely a decoy. Meanwhile, the Heroes safely make their descent elsewhere.

The team charges the villains, but Stormer takes the brunt of their attack and is knocked unconscious. Breez and Surge drag him to safety, while Furno grabs his bike and takes on the villains. XPlode flees on his vehicle, and Rotor is subdued and cuffed by the budding Hero. Stormer, revived, congratulates Furno, and the rookie drives Rotor into the Drop Ship. The Heroes return to Hero Factory in triumph.




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  • This is the only time Stormer ever uses his Piston Blade


  • When Stormer was fighting XPlode, the Ice saw and grappling spear swap places in the scene when Stormer generate his Piston Blade from his Multifunctional Ice Weapon. When the Piston Blade broke it shown back in their normal places.

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