Turbine Drill
Turbine Drill.jpg
User(s) Drilldozer
Functionality Drilling
Status In Use

The Turbine Drill is Drilldozer's personal weapon.


The Turbine Drill can drill through any material. Its core is of neutronium, surrounded by uranium teeth - making it dangerously radioactive. It is very heavy, loud, and hard to control.

Example Usage

Drilldozer used it to drill throught the ground twice in Ordeal of Fire (Episode).

Set Information

The Turbine Drill was included in the Drilldozer Hero Factory set from early 2011, comprising nine of the set's 61 pieces.

HeroFactory.com Description

This thing is really heavy. Drilldozer needs most of his strength just to lug it around. But once he's got it into position, the multi-tooth turbine drill can chew away at any material. It's loud and heavy and hard to control, but Drilldozer apparently likes it that way. No other villain has the sheer brawn to operate it.

The neutronium core is surrounded by depleted uranium teeth, making it dangerously radioactive. Debris from the fast-paced drilling tends to fly up into Drilldozer's face, but he's used to that - and he'll be the first to admit he isn't that handsome to start with. Flying rock and metal from whatever he's drilling makes the area near Drilldozer a dangerous place to be.


  • It is the first drill weapon in Hero Factory.