Unnamed Alpha Team rookie
Affiliation Alpha 1 Team (Rookie 1 division)
Weapons A tool similar to an Aquajet Pack, a tool similar to an Electricity Shooter, two Plasma Guns
Status N/A
Location An unknown underwater area

The Unnamed Rookie is a member of the Alpha 1 Team.


The hero was created in the Assembly Tower at an undisclosed point in time and has become a member of the Alpha 1 team. It has been assigned to an unknown sector of the galaxy, possibly to capture the unnamed mutated industrial robot. It is still trying to round up criminals.


The hero has a head similar to Nathan Evo's. It also has two Plasma Guns mounted on his shoulders and is holding an Electricity Shooter. On its back is a tool similar to William Furno's Aqua Jet Pack.

Set information

The hero can be built using pieces from 6200 Evo, 6217 Surge and 6293 Furno. The instructions can be viewed here.


  • In an issue of a LEGO Club magazine, the hero can be seen fighting the mutated industrial robot in an under water area similar to Scylla.

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