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Unnamed Villain
Mysterious Villain
Affiliation Black Phantom
Weapons Unknown
Status Active
Location Brain Factory
“Everything I need to get my little piggies inside the Hero Factory. Soon it will be destroyed and unable to manufacture anymore heroes to stand on my way.”
— The mysterious villain gloated his plan.

The Unnamed Villain is a figure cloaked in shadow who is the founder of the Brain Factory, creator of the Brains and the one who received the blueprints from Black Phantom after the conclusion of the Breakout.


The Unnamed Villain is mysterious and is arch enemies with the Hero Factory. He lurks in the shadows of an unknown destination. His plans of conquest was to allow Voltix to trick the Heroes into capturing him, so he could awaken Von Nebula, and cause the Breakout. Using the Breakout as a distraction, he then sent his minion, Black Phantom, to the Hero Factory so he could upload the file 'Plans for the Hero Factory' and send the plans to him. Once he got that, the Unnamed Villain created the Brain Factory, and send the Brains around the planet to create an army to destroy the Hero Factory.

Abilities and Traits

It is no doubt that the Unnamed Villain is very cunning and intelligent. He is cunning at thinking up plans, and rather good ones. He is also very intelligent, since knows how to create the Brain Factory and its Brains from the Plans of a Hero Factory. He is also possibly skilled in stealth. 



  • The villain is voiced by Tom Kenny in the Brain Attack episode.
  • The villain is credited as "Mysterious Villain" in the Brain Attack episode's credits.
  • His appearance differs from every episode he appeared. During his cameo appearance in Breakout, his hand recycled from Von Nebula while his full appearance in Brain Attack is slightly modified (and silhouetted) from Black Phantom.
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