Unnamed mutated industrial robot
Affiliation N/A
Weapons Magma Blades, Plasma Blaster
Status N/A
Location An unknown underwater area

The unnamed villain is said to be a mutated industrial robot who became a villain.


There was an industrial robot who at one point was mutated due to exposure of radiation. He is said to be both an enemy of the Hero Factory and Black Phantom. An unnamed rookie was most likely assigned to capture him.


The robot appears to have four legs. His front legs have Toxic Reapa's feet and the back legs being two red feet. It also appears he has Magma Blades on his back along with a Plasma Blaster. He has a face similar to Jawblade.

Set Information

The villain can be made by combining 6218 Splitface, 6201 Toxic Reapa and 6216 Jawblade. The instructions can be seen here.


  • In a LEGO Club magazine ; the villain can be seen fighting the unnamed rookie in an underwater area that is similar to Jawblade's home planet, Scylla.
HF villain 1

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