About Me

I'm a long time editor on TBW and friends with many of the admins and users over there and other wikis. I am also a "HF finder" (someone who go out to check retailer stores to see if the new sets are release ahead of schedule or not). I may have limit knowledge about Hero Factory, but I will help out since I play Breakout (game) and own some sets:

  • Furno 1.0
  • Corroder
  • Fangz
  • XT4
  • Breez (Breakout)
  • Voltix

and also the HF: Secret Mission books: The Doom Box, The Legion of Darkness, and Collision Course.

I have yet watch the HF Breakout episodes.

Along with my Hero Factory sets and BIONICLE sets collection; I also owned other Lego theme sets like Exo-Force, Lego Galidor, Johnny Thunder: Orient Expedition (2003 version), Star Wars (classic and one modern version of it), etc.

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