“The only wiki I follow is the Hero Factory wiki, because I saw the wiki as it was being created and how terrible shape it was in, so I took it upon myself to fix everything and I'm glad to currently be an admin.”
— Cirvihi, Wiki Metru Forums
Bulk 3
Affiliation Herofactopedia
Weapons Wrist Blades, Scythe
Status Chillin'
Location At my place

About me

Many of you know me as Cirvihi, Monasti's right hand man and most active admin on the site (both of those odd considering I'm the newest admin on Herofactopedia). I'm from Florida, and I happen to be a fan of both Hero Factory and BIONICLE. I admit I do miss it, but we need a chance for something similar to shine, not to mention that people would get sick of Bionicle if it ran too long. As my quote implies, this is the only wiki that I work on, though I still manage to have some experience like everyone else.

Contact Info

Usually, I'll only hold a conversation if it's with a friend of mine in real life/over Facebook, or if it's one of the other admins on the Wiki Forums about this website. However, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have on my talk page. Usually, I should be able to have a solution or an answer.




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