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Hello. My name is FireEmblem from BZPower, but you may know me by other names such as AtconixRex, VakamaFan, or ::Jaller-Inika::. I am a comic maker on BZPower but I don't have many projects going on so in my spare time, I come to Wiki's and help them out. I found Herofactopedia by searching up "Hero Factory" on Wikipedia, and under the "Suggested Links" was the link to here. I made the majority of the villains pages and the "HEROFACTOPEDIA WELCOMES YOU" sign. If you want to talk:

  • PM me on BZPower
  • Chat with me on TheBZPC (
  • Shout with me on tTH3 (
  • Talk to me via Skype (fireemblemisawesome)

Thanks for stopping by! =) ~FireEmblem 16:47, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

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