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OptimusMagnus wasn't the biggest fan of Hero Factory when it came along, having been an avid follower of BIONICLE and preferring that series. However, he has found what little of the series he has come across interesting, and while it can't replace BIONICLE in my heart I no longer dislike it.

Hero Factory Favorites

  • Favorite Hero: Natalie Breez (I love strong female characters and the color green; it's a win-win.)
  • Favorite Villain: Witch Doctor (he's visually very striking and would have fit in perfectly with BIONICLE.)

Hero Factory Ideas

Bionicle Meets Hero Factory: Tempus Fugitive

It's the meeting you never saw coming between Lego's back-to-back CCBS lines!

Some time ago, Mr. Makuro attempted to develop an incredibly powerful new hero*: one with the ability to travel through time itself. It was Makuro's hope that this hero could travel to the past and undo previous catastrophes, or into the future to learn of forthcoming dangers and prevent them. However, simulations indicated that more harm than good would result from these attempts, particularly since continued use of this ability could eventually shred the very fabric of reality. As such, he shut down the project and assigned the rookie to the Alpha 1 Team, who dispatched him to a distant region of space.

Unfortunately, the former hero eventually learned of his hidden powers, and became furious that Makuro kept them secret from him. Now known as the criminal Tempus Fugitive, he is determined to use his abilities to rule over all of time, and has discovered the perfect means to enable him to do so: the Mask of Time from Spherus Magna and its other half from Okoto! Unfortunately, his act of theft and the sheer power of the two mask halves has opened rifts in time and space, bringing the past and future into dangerous collision! This enables him to gather an alliance of foul villains, with which he intends to dominate reality itself!

The only hope of the Hero Factory Universe is to join with the heroes of the very worlds Tempus has plundered: the worlds of Bionicle! The Hero Factory Teams find themselves fighting alongside the Toa Nuva, Elemental Masters, Toa Mahri, Protectors, Toa Hagah, and other noble warriors to save their beloved home and the very fabric of reality itself! With the guidance of Mata Nui, Makuro, and Ekimu among other wise leaders, our heroes just may stand a chance...

Other Interests

  • Lego
    • BIONICLE (obviously)
    • Ninjago
    • Dimensions
    • Various video games
  • Star Wars
  • Disney
  • Transformers
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