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  • Angel Bob


    February 20, 2011 by Angel Bob

    Another proposal: rename Quaddle "Quadal". NOWHERE in written story has he ever been called Quaddle - only Quadal. If we want to truly be a storyline-accurate wiki, we should rename him immediately.

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  • Angel Bob

    I have a proposal, and a bold one at that: do away with the "Appearance" section and replace it with "Personality". Why? Well, I have a good few reasons:

    1. The very subtitle "Appearance" is much too similar to "Appearances", an entirely different section that appears in a similar location on a page.
    2. We simply do not need this section, because for every page we have it on, we also have images of them. A picture says a thousand words, and no "Appearance" section has anywhere close to a thousand words. In fact, they're quite vague.
    3. Now, vouching for "Personality" - we do not have anything of the sort on Herofactopedia here, which I feel is quite detrimental to our character pages. Each character has his/her own unique personality, and we have plenty…
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  • Angel Bob


    January 6, 2011 by Angel Bob

    I strongly disagree with this new system. Members earning badges and getting ranks based on how many of these badges they've earned? It seems completely ridiculous to me. For example, some new member might come to the wiki, notice the badges, and complete them all with tiny, little edits or spammy comments on blogs - and then he would be ranked very high, even though he'd have barely contributed to the wiki at all!

    No, wikis should definitely not have this kind of system. On a computer game, such a system of badges is cool, and fun - but I think we all need to remember that wikis are based on EDITING, not blogging. Sure, you can argue that some of the badges are based on edits, but I could earn most of them by clicking "Random Page" a bunch…

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